BelloLite, is a commendable name in the cordless lamp & lights venture. We can do OEM & ODM of any type of cordless lighting as per your request. We can help offer the best suitable product for your need. We are always there to answer your enquiries before and after buying our products.

OEM & ODM. Custom made cordless lighting. Logo printing and branding in you name. Manufacture glass as per your requirement..

We can ship the goods to you by air, courier or by sea to your destination depending on your requirement..

Answer- The quantity depends on if you want to be the sole distributor or not. You need to maintain a monthly sales target to be our agent of distributor.

Answer. Yes. We can personalise the product as per your requirement if feasible. .

Answer- Yes you can buy directly from us if we do not have a distributor in your country..

Answer- All our products are CE, ROHS & FCC certified. Also all the adaptors we use with our product has certification for the whole world..

Answer- Yes. All our products come with a one year limited warranty. We will repair or replace the product free of cost in case of manufacturing defect. For more details please check our warranty.

Answer- Yes our product will work all over the world as our product is 110-240V 50-60Hz. We will usually ship our product included with your country plug point if available.

Answer- The shade of the table lamp is in one colour. The lamp we use inside has many colours including white or warm white depending on the lamp.

Answer- Where we state that our product is cordless means that the product is battery operated or rechargeable. Once you recharge or put in batteries then you can place the product where ever you want to keep without any wires attached to the product..

Answer- Rechargeable means that there is a built in rechargeable battery inside your product that can be charged using the cable or adaptor supplied with the product. The product can usually be charged more then 500 times depending on the way it is used.

Answer- Yes. You can change the shades in some of our products while using the same lamp in some of our product ranges.

Answer- Yes. We can change the battery inside some of our products. For more information you can directly contact us.

Answer- We only accept payment by TT & Paypal 100% before shipping out the goods. We can also accept L/C if the value of the order is more then USD 25000.00.

Answer- Delivery time depends on the product & quantity ordered. Usually it is 3 days to 1 month.

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