BelloLite, is a commendable name in the cordless lamp & lights venture, has been founded in 2011. Before the company's inception, we were engaged in ODM of cordless lamps marketed under different brand names. Though as a company, we are a new entrant, but the milestone we have reached since then is remarkable. Holding consummate prowess in designing cordless lamps and lighting products which are accredited across the world for their brilliant features like elegant design, multifunctional use, multicolor options, flickering candle effect, dimmable effect, fusion mode, eco-friendly, easy charging, we have carved out a privileged position in the industry. Products such as Table Lamps, Outdoor & Swimming Pool Lamps, manufactured by BelloLite, not only cater to the lighting needs of commercial establishment, hospitality, home and outdoor premises but also are favourable to the environment. Our rich expertise and experience enable us to design the lighting products according to exclusive application and needs of individual & professionals.

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